NIYF have been working with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive for a number of years to assist them in engaging with young people on housing related issues. A number of different methods of engagement have been piloted.  

Currently the Youth Forum is working with NIHE and to produce videos on housing related issues that are important to young people. 

These new pieces of work will be in relation to information on getting a house; and in relation to residents engaging with the wider community. 

Some photos from the first film:

The first film – A Foot In The Door

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Second Film:

Third Film: 

New film based on true story gives advice to homeless teenagers

What happens if you’re 16 and find yourself out on the street after a blazing row with your parents?

That’s the subject of a short film produced by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) and the Northern Ireland Youth Forum (NIYF) aimed at giving practical advice to homeless teenagers.

‘Sixteen and Homeless’, which was launched today, tells the true story of a young man who suddenly finds himself homeless and has problems getting somewhere to live.

NIYF development worker, Claire King NIYF, said it was based on the experiences of a former member of her organisation’s management team.

 “The young man had a fight with his mum and she threw him out. He took a very proactive approach to his situation though, looking around estates for suitable accommodation close to his first area of choice, checking availability with the Housing Executive and amending his choices; his persistence paid off.”

The Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Dr John McPeake said the film used young actors to explain the different rules that apply when someone under 18 is looking for accommodation. 

“The advice is that you have to keep in touch with your local Housing Executive office and be prepared to look for available accommodation in and around your area. It is not enough simply to be on the list.” 

’Sixteen and Homeless’ is the fourth film in a series put together by the NIYF and NIHE to help young people deal with important housing issues. Previous films have tackled subjects such as antisocial behaviour, managing your budget and becoming involved in the community.

The film can be viewed here

Debt Matters video addresses the issue through the stories of 3 individuals.