Inquiry into Shared Education


Inquiry into Shared / Integrated Education The Committee for Education is part of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Its job is to think about schools and youth services in Northern Ireland.It is currently reviewing the nature and definition of Shared Education and Integrated Education, including consideration of the need for a formal statutory definition and an obligation in law to facilitate and encourage Shared Education; What is the Inquiry about? The Committee wants to know what you think about the different types of education. Options • What is good about Shared Education? • What is good about Integrated Education? • What is good about Separated Education? • Should more Shared Education be encouraged? • Should more Integrated Education be encouraged? • Should more Separate Education be encouraged? • What should be done to promote your option in schools? • What part should pupils or parents play in supporting this option Essentially, you are being asked to give your view on what type of education system we should have in the future, these are the main options; Integrated – Young people are taught in the same school irrespective of their religion. Shared – Young People come together for some subjects and then return to their own school. Separated – Young people attend a school that reflects their own faith. Separate education in some areas is economically unviable – perhaps this should lead to Shared Education? Free Choice – The Department of Education supports the choice of the board of governor’s or governing body of each school to decide for themselves what way their school operates. Some background information At the heart of this inquiry is whether or not we can and should live together i.e. shared housing, recreational facilities, education etc… However, this does not mean that to achieve one you must agree with the other. Most venues within the city centre would be seen as shared spaces; pubs, shops, restaurants, cinema etc…however these can be maintained and indeed developed further without people having to be educated together or living next to each other. What do you think? During our NIYFfest 19th – 21st Sept we would love to hear your views. Our Champion’s 4 Change Coordinator (Joe Hamill), will be seeking your views throughout the three days. He will be clearly signposted!!!