Youth Congress Results!!


Youth Congress Results!!

NIYF are excited to announce the results of our recent Youth Congress Elections.

Almost 7,000 young people have cast their votes in an online ballot to elect members of the first ever Northern Ireland Youth Congress and to send local representatives to the UK Youth Parliament.

The NI Youth Congress was set up by the Northern Ireland Youth Forum (NIYF) with the intention of paving the way for a Northern Ireland Youth Assembly.

NIYF Chairperson, Martin McAuley said the vote showed that young people were committed to playing their part in shaping the future of Northern Ireland.

He added: “This is a fantastic result and a ringing endorsement of our long held position that young people want to engage in democratic structures which give weight to their voice. The new Members of the Youth Congress are enthusiastic about affecting change in their communities, their constituencies and across Northern Ireland and represent a groundswell of young activists who refuse to sit by while others decide what’s best for them.

“Ahead of the European and local government elections, it’s great to see young people tear up the label of apathy that’s too often stuck to them indiscriminately. Young people do care about their communities, they are interested in creating change and when they are supported to take part in elections, either through standing as a candidate or voting, they will become engaged civic activists.

“I look forward to working with the MYCs as they begin the job of work of delivering on their key campaign promises. I have no doubt their peers will judge them against delivery and in that sense at least, they’re streets ahead of the wider electorate.”

Conor Fegan, who has been elected to the NI Youth Congress, said: “I am delighted to have been elected for the first NI Youth Congress. It is great to see that so many young people took the opportunity to cast their vote in these elections in the hope of affecting real change for young people in NI. I am looking forward to representing the youth of NI over the next year together with other elected members. I am confident that we can consolidate the Congress this year to ensure that it stands as a body supportive of the youth in NI for many years to come.

Matthew Murphy elected representative from Fermanagh and South Tyrone said “Now that I’ve been elected I feel in a stronger position to confront senior elected representatives on concerns I have relating to young people – particularly regarding education, shared future and social deprivation. Having a title and role will encourage me to be more proactive and will hopefully encourage other young people do likewise now that they have an official representative to take their issues on board. It’s not about making everyone a politician, but about making young people realise that if you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got”

Asa Mallon elected to the Lagan Valley constituency said “I am pleased to have been elected to the Northern Ireland Youth Congress and I hope that over the next year I can make a difference in my area”

We would like to thank all of you who took to the polls and engaged in democracy to elect representatives who will effect real change and ensure young people’s voices are heard at all levels.

We wish all elected candidates luck in their post.

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