NIYF’s Next Top Models


Recently 5 members of the Youth Forum including myself were given the opportunity to be models for the day, unfortunately it wasn’t for major fashion designer and we weren’t modelling the next big thing. Instead we were going to be the faces of this years Anti Bullying Campaign which is run by Northern Ireland Anti Bullying Forum and Translink this year. We arrived at ‘the location’ some of us in our school uniforms a few days early and for others, like myself, getting back into a uniform for the first time in a couple of years.

We then had to shoot 7 different scenarios throughout the day for different posters for the campaign just to show a range of ways that bullying can happen. I feel that it was a productive day as we managed to successfully satisfy the photographer and also the head of the campaign. So maybe we are all cut out for modelling careers, who knows!
It felt great to be involved in such a worthwhile campaign and hope that the posters give the right message.

The campaign runs from 19th – 23rd November this year and the posters will be in circulation from late October, unfortunately the models do not want to offer autographs but want to keep a low profile during this time. To find out more about Anti Bullying Week click here…