The NIYF is a youth led organisation that lobbies, advocates, promotes and fights for the rights of young people.

We aim support young people and to help build self-confidence and belief so that young people can raise and discuss issues of importance to them.

The Youth Forum’s work is cross community in nature and focuses on social issues. We place equality, diversity and interdependence central to our ethos. 

We believe that all young people should be listened to and respected and we place understanding and acceptance of cultural and political diversity at the forefront of our work.

We work to achieve a situation of empowerment – where young people are proactive in the decision making process.

There are 6 important areas that our work focuses on:


This is where we support young people to campaign for change on issues that are important to them


It is important that we work to connect young people to each other; to connect young people to youth forums; to connect local youth forums to each other; and to connect young people to decision makers.


Consultations are one way for young people to have their voices heard.

This might mean young people telling government or other policy makers what they think. We support this work and help make the process enjoyable and meaningful.


We work to support young people to make decisions about themselves; their peers and their communities.

We also work to support youth forums, youth councils and youth parliaments.

Peace Building:

Through the work of the Youth Forum young people take part in activities and discussion based on social issues – the issues that make us the same. We work to celebrate and respect diversity as well as to help build peace at a community level.

Corporate Affairs:

The Youth Forum has a corporate affairs team which oversees issues like employment of staff; orgnisational finances; communications etc. This is important in the running of any organisation.