Apprenticeship Wages & Living Wage (wage equality)

Unfortunately high numbers of children and young people are living in poverty. 
We believe that there needs to be more done to address inequalities in terms of how young people are paid. We also see huge problems with the benefit system including further age based inequalities and mandatory participation in government training programmes which can exclude young people from participating in employability and education programmes delivered in the third sector that are more meaninful and responsive to their needs.  
Stormont needs to recognise the value of non formal education programmes and apprenticeships. Changes need made with programmes such as steps to success to allow young people to flourish in areas that are meaningful and enjoyable to them. 
We have been campaigning for living wage for apprenticeships. 
We believe that everyone should be able to live comfortably and that everyone aged 16 and over should be paid at least the living wage.