Believe In Youth – Recruiting Peer Educators

Believe In Youth - Recruiting Peer Educators

Title of Position: Peer Educator for the Believe in Youth Alcohol Peer Education Programme The Believe in Youth Programme are interested in ...

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Family Fun/International Coming Out Day Derry

Family Fun/International Coming Out Day Derry

Derry and Donegal groups join forces for International Coming Out Day Two youth groups from Derry and Donegal working for Lesbian Gay Bisexual ...

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Welcome to NIYF


Welcome to the new look Northern Ireland Youth Forum site. We’re all about young people and making sure your voice is heard.

So if there is anything you want to tell us about our website, the work we do, or just something that you think we should be doing, please contact us.

The NIYF is a youth led organisation that lobbies, advocates, promotes and fights for the rights of young people. We believe that young people have an important role to play.

The Youth Forum exists to support young people to affect positive change for themselves and for their communities; we believe young people sound be invested in; can be part of the solution; want to be empowered and must be listened to.

We believe that one person can make a difference; and that together we can achieve great things.

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